About The Company


3-G PRODUCTIONS, INC. continues to expand to meet the ever-changing needs of the dynamic mass transit industry without sacrificing a vital principle: to always provide our clients with the "human touch".

           For over two decades, we have been committed to devising solutions and facilitating an otherwise technologically unruly field. You have obligations and a business to run -- we're here to assist you in doing just that -- as well as thousands like you.

           One thing you will never hear from a representative of 3-G Productions is a declaration of failure. We not only strive to finish the job in its entirety, but to do it as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. We believe heavily in the adage, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again" and we make it work for us continually. Your business can't afford to fail to meet its obligations, and with 3-G Productions, it won't have to.

           As a corporation, we are dedicated to providing solutions derived from cutting-edge technology for the industry. But as people, we are equally dedicated to assuring our clients that their business is important to us and we will do whatever it takes to complete the job successfully. At 3-G, you will never be just another number as we aren't just another corporation.

           3-G is a rather close-knit team of problem-solvers, each dedicated to providing the quality, knowledge, brainstorming, perseverance and ingenuity that you've come to expect from us. Always using innovative electronic design and up-to-the-minute concepts, enhancing and facilitating the industry in which you do business. 

          We know that in the business world of mass transit, you have places to go -- and our goal is to get you there -- on-time, every time.

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